ACA RoQ Roll Hardness tester

ACA RoQ Roll Quality Analyzer Make knowledge as your superpower in roll quality inspection

ACA RoQ measures roll hardness profiles, which are used to troubleshoot and optimize roll making, converting and finishing processes.
ACA RoQ has unique features such as embedded touch screen, Wi-Fi and built-in barcode reader. Its unique technology provides very accurate measurement including flexible data transfer and storage.

Identify problematic rolls

Roll hardness profile is a key parameter defining a good roll. RoQ Roll quality analyzer is the latest innovation in profile determination of a roll. Reproducible high-resolution profiles are automatically generated by a simple measurement procedure.
Identify problematic rolls easily by mobile ACA RoQ hardness profiler and avoid runnability issues and produce better customer rolls.

Good or bad roll?

Roll hardness is probably the most important factor in determining the difference between a good and bad roll.
Rolls that are wound too soft, too tight or have too much variations are in danger to cause problems somewhere in the value chain. Want to learn more about good and rolls? 

Top 3 benefits ACA RoQ

Cost savings through less roll quality complaints Identification of roll errors such as bagginess, rope marks, wrinkles and soft edges Process control based on information of high resolution profiles  (Online scanners are not able to detect small variations reliably enough)

Best possible references

 Introduced 2014 now more 285 delivered all over the world  Liner, SC paper, Newsprint, Specialty paper, Coated fine, Thermal paper, LWC, Many mills have several meters
 New technology, no matching products on the market